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Flower arrangement is the unique
culture of Japan.

Flower arrangement is the unique culture of Japan.
In Japan the changes of the seasons are quite noticeable.
The tree is budding in spring, growing thick in summer, and its leaves
are turning red in autumn and falling in winter.
Our ancestor under these
environments felt that the god exists in the evergreen tree whose leaves
never fall even in the winter.

 That feeling resulted in forming the belief in the evergreen tree.
The custom to offer the flower on the family altar of the Buddhism,
 as the Chinese origin, combined with the belief in the evergren tree to form
 the art of flower arrangement.
Flower arrangement is not only displaying flowers but also to arrange them.
In the meanttime to arrange means also reviving.
Therefore, flower arrangement is, to some extent, resuscitating trees and
 flowers once cut to death

To learn how to   display flowers based
on the
 spirit of the resuscitation
is called 
flower arrangement.

To learn how to display flowers based on the spirit of

the resuscitation is called flower arrangement.
he motto of the Eishinryu, the school of flower
arrangement, is to love the nature of Japan.
Our purpose is to depict natural landscapes changing 
in the seasons in flower arrangement using

the cultivated plants without cutting 
and damaging natural ones in order to preserve
the limited natural environment.

Please try to take a lesson in flower
arrangement once at least.

Please try to take a lesson in flower arrangement once at least.

Flower arrangement helps you understand Japanese culture.
We, members of the Eishinryu, give one-day trial lesson
in flower arrangement to foreigners.
Please contact us for further information.

Monthly Fee
* Flower arrangement : 5000 yen(flower charges not included)
You can arrange the lesson hours to suit your convenience.
You can come and have a look first.

* Flower arrangement(Wednesday and Friday) 10 : 00-21 : 00
You can come anytime during the fixed hours above.
Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

  1-12-1 EBISU-MINAMI SHIBUYA-KU to, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0022
    Ebisu Station (JR,Subway Hibiya Line),1 minutes' walk


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